NX-MAX6 Motion Controller

GX-USB Placa Controladora CNC via USB

The NX-MAX6 CNC Motion Controller 6-axes is oriented manufacturers and users of advanced CNC machines, used in industrial automation. For users who use servants to six differential outputs ensure more reliability in communication, and greater distance between the Motion Controller and the servos, the use of differential transmission also prevents the induction of noise on the cables that connect the servos. The NX-MAX6 comes with support for DIN rail.

Compatible with Mach3 software, the NX-MAX6 also supports Plasma with external THC. The correction of Plasma torch height is provided directly by the NX-MAX6 thus allowing a fast response time.


  • - CNC Motion Controller for Plasmas, Routers, robotics and other applications.
  • - Plugin for Mach3 software, lets you use the Mach3 through Ethernet or USB ports.
  • - Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces.
  • - Control of six (6) axes with signs of Step / Direction in differential mode.
  • - Electrical isolation of drivers through digital isolators.
  • - 16 fixed inputs with standard 24 volts.
  • - 08 outputs / inputs that are not used as output are available as inputs with 24 volt standard.
  • - 01 Analog output 0-10 volts to control Spindle.
  • - Interface type Step / Direction to connect servo drivers or stepping motor.
  • - Differential signaling for Step / Dir. Voltage of 5 volts TTL standard.
  • - Dedicated pulse generator (FPGA) allows high precision pulses and frequency of up to 500kHz.
  • - Modern Cortex ARM 32-bit microprocessor, controlling the trajectory in real time.
  • - Inputs and outputs with maximum voltage of 24 volts input. 
  • - Compatible with XP Operating System, Vista and Windows 7 or 8.
  • - product Dimensions: 12 cm x 14.5 cm x 4 cm (external measures of the box).

- 01 Motion Controller NX-MAX6 
- 01 USB Cable
- DVD with plugin Mach3 and manual in Portuguese
- 01 DIN rail adapter


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