NX-USB Motion Controller

NX-USB Motion Controller 4 axis via USB

The NX-USB Motion Controller 4 axes, controls movement of CNC machines, routers, robotics and other applications.
Compatible with Mach3 software, offers 4 outputs of 24 volts (industry standard) and 8 inputs, plus an analog output for Spindle control 0-10 volts.

- NX-USB CNC Motion Controller via USB.
- Motion Controller for CNC machines, robotics and other applications.
- Allows you to control machines with 4 axes via USB.
- Uses interface type Step / Dir to connect servo drivers or stepping motor.
- Dedicated pulse generator (FPGA) allows high accuracy and frequency pulses up to 200kHz.
- Modern ARMCortexM3 32-bit microprocessor controls the trajectory in real time.
- Plugin for Mach3 software, lets you use the Mach3 through the USB port.
- Electrical isolation of USB drivers, protecting your computer.
- Voltage Power 24 volts.
- 8 inputs (24 volts).
- 4 outputs (24 volts).
- Output for Spindle analog control 0-10 volts.

- 01 NX-USB Motion Controller
- 01 USB Cable
- 01 DVD with Mach3 plugin and manual in English.


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